Will Hemp Cars Smoke the Competition?

When I told a friend recently that cars made of hemp were making a big comeback, he thought I was joking with him. “Do Cheech and Chong own one?” he said with a laugh. I told him that hemp cars are a reality and several carmakers are currently developing them. Here at 1stCertified Collision Center , […]

What All Those Numbers on Your Car Tires Mean

What All Those Numbers on Your Car Tires Mean Your car’s tires are one (actually four) of the most important safety features your vehicle has and are unfortunately among the least understood aspects of automotive maintenance. Most car owners know little about their tires, beyond the size and how much tread they have left. There […]

Big Trucks, Big Dangers: Here are the Facts

Every time you’re out on the roads of this country, you encounter big trucks. They mostly motor along at a reasonable rate and they look harmless sitting in the slow lane. But, they also can be dangerous if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. At 1stCertified Collision Center, we’re all about safety, […]

Avoiding Used Car Disasters

A wave of used cars rom buyers during the Great Depression appear to be hitting the market again. This is causing the lowering of prices and likely to spark a buying binge. But, it can be tough to spot a rebuilt wreck even when you’re watching for it, so here are some tips. At 1stCertified […]

Why (or Why Not) to Own a Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV)

It wasn’t that long ago that there were only two viable choices when it came to powering our fleet in this country—gasoline or diesel. Sure, there were a lot of different fuels that carmakers and innovators were always experimenting with back then, but in the end those were the only two options available to American […]

A Porsche that We Can All Afford…Made of LEGOs

A Porsche that We Can All Afford…Made of LEGOs You don’t have to register it and it does not burn any fuel, but the downside is you can’t drive it either. That’s correct—there is now a Porsche made completely out of LEGOs! If you have always wanted a Porsche but can’t afford one, this LEGO […]

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