Is Your Smartphone Making You a Blind Driver?

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Is Your Smartphone Making You a Blind Driver?

We’re all familiar with night blindness, but have you ever heard about cell phone blindness? We’re not just referring to distracted behavior. We’re talking about a dangerous issue that may be causing more accidents than you could imagine. At 1stCertified Collision Center, we’re all about safety, and we want you to know that cell phone […]

We’re In Our Cars More Than Ever

People in this country spend an additional full 20 minutes driving weekly when compared to 2014, according to a 2018 study that was conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Over the course of the calendar year, Americans collectively spent more than 70 billion hours behind the wheel, equaling an 8 percent increase since […]

Qwiklane Transportation System Designed to Alleviate Traffic Congestion

Here at 1stCertified Collision Center, we are always looking for the latest and greatest inventions in the pursuit to get cars off the road, so we’re happy to share this with you. Traffic is a major concern for anyone living in cities and in 10-20 years, the situation will be even more intense. There are […]

Candy Paints Find Their Sweet Spot

For decades, custom painters have been implementing “the candy paint” process to give their vehicles that show-stopping appearance. Traditionally, when compared to factory finishes, candy colors have always been considered distinctive and that’s why they are so desired. More popular now than ever, candy paints are well-known for creating a brighter and deeper appearance as […]

Automated Braking Systems Prevent Crashes

You’re traveling too fast and suddenly you realize— “Oh no! I don’t have enough time to stop.” You brace yourself for the collision and then all of a sudden, your car stops in time. That’s when you remember that you have an automated braking system! And guess what? You just saved your car and maybe […]

Toyota Increases Production Capacity In China By 20 Percent

Hot on the heels of the news that Toyota is planning on expanding its capacity to produce electric vehicles in Tianjin, they have now announced that their operations in Guangzhou will be growing to increase overall automotive production capacity by approximately twenty percent. Toyota’s current production capacity is approximately 1.16 million vehicles per year, with […]

When Did You Last Clean Your Seat Belts…If Ever?

Your seat belts can save your life and many people are still alive because they wore them. Here at 1stCertified Collision Center, we often work around seat belts, so we know that they are necessary to car safety, and that’s why we often stress that folks wear them. Your seat belts will get on-going daily […]

Advancing Technologies In Glass We’ll Be Seeing Soon

With so few advances made with automotive glass over the last fifty years, it’s easy to think that there’s not a lot of ground to over before a new substance replaces glass entirely. Still, with glass manufacturers thinking outside the box it’s safe to say that there’s still a lot of life left in the […]

A Car with Its Own Personality: The Toyota Concept-i

We know that cars today are smart and many of them can actually think, but how about a vehicle that comes with its very own personality? Does that mean if it wants to go faster, it will complain? Will it give you driving advice or argue with you about directions? Well, not exactly–the new Toyota Concept-i […]

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