Here at 1stCertified Collision Center, we are always looking for the latest and greatest inventions in the pursuit to get cars off the road, so we’re happy to share this with you. Traffic is a major concern for anyone living in cities and in 10-20 years, the situation will be even more intense.

There are people all over the planet who are currently working on ways to deal with traffic congestion. There are autonomous cars, Elon Musk’s HyperLoop, and more—such as a not-so-well-known 78-year-old man with a plan. That plan is the Qwiklane Transportation System.

What Is the Qwiklane Transportation System?
Invented by Homer T. “Bud” McCrary (the owner of Big Creek Lumber in Santa Cruz, CA in 1976), the Qwiklane Transportation System is a transportation system that is designed to accommodate small and medium-size cars, equipped with special automatic controls. It will allow the vehicles on the system to accelerate the flow of commuter traffic by maintaining constant high speeds with close spacing on a low-cost, prefabricated, lightweight, elevated steel guide way.

The Qwiklane Transportation System has garnered positive reviews, because it allows automobiles to retain manual operation for street driving while giving up control of the car while on the system. The system can alleviate more than seven times the peak traffic of a freeway lane at a fraction of the cost of building new roads, according to McCrary.

The utility of the automobile and the highway system is threatened by congestion along our city’s freeways where real estate to expand is limited and construction too costly. Automating driving in guide ways built above these congested corridors will provide immense capacity improvement, more safety (removing the human factor), and improved fuel efficiency – without cutting down on existing highway capacity.

Is the Qwiklane Transportation System an Ideal Solution?
Based on a poll conducted by a national polling company contracted by Commuter Alliance, 79% of all drivers about the Qwiklane System said that they found it very or somewhat appealing and more attractive than other commute options. 60% said they would use Qwiklane if available and affordable and only 5% have said that it isn’t an ideal solution for their lifestyles.

Here is what people are saying about Qwiklane:
“This can fix a major problem in populated cities and towns. A great concept and the auto steer and speed is a bonus luxury to the idea.”

“Significantly reduces driving commute times; frees up driver’s time while on the Qwiklane for other activities like having a chauffeur.”

“Easing the traffic congestion while keeping traffic moving. I also like the idea that it will not be a tax burden but can be privately funded and no need for additional real estate.”

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