With so few advances made with automotive glass over the last fifty years, it’s easy to think that there’s not a lot of ground to over before a new substance replaces glass entirely. Still, with glass manufacturers thinking outside the box it’s safe to say that there’s still a lot of life left in the auto glass industry.¬†

One technology that’s only recently been introduced to windshields has actually been used in the aeronautics industry since the 40’s. Display projection or “heads up” displays are currently being used in select high-end models of such manufactures as BMW, Lexus, and Jaguar. The technology projects various information onto the windshield in the east obtrusive manner possible, giving the driver different overlays that can display information about fuel, speed, and even navigation that overlaps the field of vision like augmented reality. This is done so the driver never has to take their eyes off the road. Some displays can even pair with smart phones via Bluetooth technology for expanded functionality.

Gorilla Glass was created by the Corning corporation and has been used in smart phones for a few years. It’s stronger and more pliable than normal glass. It’s lighter and offers less distortion than normal glass. This means that you’ll get a more accurate view that’s also brighter! In regard to resilience, in tests Gorilla Glass has been proven 50% less likely to suffer cracks or nicks than conventional glass.

Tesla Armor Glass is another glass technology aimed at reducing cracks and divots in windshields. Unlike Gorilla Glass Armor Glass is only currently available for semi-trucks. It’s also significantly heavier and more durable.
By adding a layer of silver so thin it’s undetectable to the eye, Volkswagen has discovered that they created a surface that reflects approximately 60% of incoming sunlight. Conversely, by running an electric current through the layer of silver the surface heats up to a degree capable of melting ice. This means a cooler car during the summer and easy ice removal in the winter!
While a few of these new features may not be available for all vehicles at this time, if you’re interested be sure to check with auto body specialists like 1stCertified Collision Center to see if your car could benefit from some new glass with new technology!