We know that cars today are smart and many of them can actually think, but how about a vehicle that comes with its very own personality? Does that mean if it wants to go faster, it will complain? Will it give you driving advice or argue with you about directions? Well, not exactly–the new Toyota Concept-i will be equipped with a wide range of cool concept car features, including scissor-hinged doors and self-driving capabilities. But what will set it apart is its artificial intelligence (AI) system, which is designed to develop an ongoing relationship between car and its owner.
At 1stCertified Collision Center, we hope to see cars that have personalities, unless they’re back seat drivers. But, if they can help us as we drive safely and autonomously if we prefer, we would love to get a Toyota Concept-i if and when they hit the car market!
Equipped with sophisticated sensors designed to accurately measure both the driver’s emotions and awareness, the Concept-i can also stay conscious of the vehicle’s present geographic location and related road conditions. One of the most brilliant aspects of the Concept-i is its ability to dynamically regulate the quantity of autonomous intervention required to help the driver. So, when drivers don’t want to control the driving anymore, they can go 100% old school with the Concept-i’s steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedal.
Designed at Toyota’s Calty Design Research Center in Newport Beach, CA, and unveiled at this year’s CES technology show in Las Vegas, the Concept-i user’s interface is nicknamed Yui. This system is fully capable of showing messages on the Concept-i’s body itself, where the front end of the vehicle displays the current drive mode (automated or manual); the exterior door panels feature written greetings to people getting into the vehicle (such as “Hello!” for those who speak English, for example), and the rear end of the car that can display a number of important messages for those driving directly behind the Toyota Concept-i (including “Watch out!”).
In addition, the Yui system makes its way into the Concept-i’s sharp interior, featuring vital data across the vehicle’s dashboard and communicating messages through by both sound and touch. The head-up display keeps everything within the driver’s sightline, while lights along the floor change colors based on the car’s driving mode.
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