Some people with expensive luxury cars or muscle cars that want that extra power say that premium gasoline is the best way to go. But at 1stCertified Collision Centers, we want to tell you that this is a bogus claim and for many years people Southern┬áCA and throughout the world have been spending too much money on so-called “premium” gas.

The first myth about premium gas is that it gives you more miles per gallon than regular gas. FALSE and here’s why.

Every gallon of gas that we pump from our local gas station actually consists of up to seven different ingredients. The precise amount of energy in each gallon of premium or regular gas will differ from company to company, depending upon what kind of additives they use in their version of gas.

In actuality, you’ll get a wider range of fuel economy between the disparate brands of regular gas, than with many forms of premium gas. So, by filling your tank with premium fuel really means anything when it comes to miles per gallon.

Some oil and gas companies add ethanol to its premium gas, to increase its overall octane rating when devising the recipe for its premium fuel. But in actuality, ethanol contains less energy than untreated gas, so the net result from the ethanol component is a major decrease in your MPG. In addition, other premium additives may have the reverse effect, and could slightly increase your overall. MPG. In rare occasions, premium gas can provide a slight net increase in MPG, but it’s so insignificant that no one can really notice the difference.

Another fable about premium gas is that it contains special or additional detergents that are beneficial for your vehicle and how it will perform. Well, this one is always FALSE, to a degree.

Yes, premium gas does contain a wide range of detergents, but most experts will agree that they don’t provide any additional advantage over regular gas. Today, all of the gasoline from the major gas manufacturers contain more than enough detergents to keep your engine clean, so you don’t need to purchase premium to achieve it.

Our final myth within the premium vs. regular gas debate states that by using regular gas in a car that is designed for premium will absolutely cause damage to the engine. This one is always FALSE and often amateur mechanics will tell owners that this one is actually fact.

There isn’t a car in existence with an engine that will die without premium gas. Both the American Petroleum Institute, the American Engine Rebuilders Association have agreed that regular gas is okay for any engine that runs on gasoline.

So, the simple fact is that premium is fine to use in your car, so don’t waste the additional money to fill your tank with premium. Save cash and use it to get a 100% electric vehicle and forget about using gasoline forever.


Sources: American Petroleum Institute, the American Engine Rebuilders Association and Car and Driver