A Porsche that We Can All Afford…Made of LEGOs


You don’t have to register it and it does not burn any fuel, but the downside is you can’t drive it either. That’s correct—there is now a Porsche made completely out of LEGOs!

If you have always wanted a Porsche but can’t afford one, this LEGO set will at least entertain you and let you dream. Here at 1stCertified Collision Center we love Porsches—really, who doesn’t? But, for many people in southern, CA and all over the country, owning a Porsche or another exotic vehicle is a different matter altogether.

So, until you’re able to buy an actual Porsche, you can now build the renowned Porsche 911 GT3 RS by yourself, by assembling it from the 2,700-plus parts made by LEGO Technic. When assembled, this LEGO model features the actual vehicle’s aerodynamic body with an exterior and interior that is very close to the original. All the way from the special racing seats to the sleek dashboard or the glove compartment containing its own unique serial number, this LEGO 911 has been designed without sacrificing any of the vehicle’s features.

One added detail to the model is the Porsche PDK dual-clutch transmission with four gears and shift paddles on the steering wheel. This elite LEGO set is also fitted with brake calipers, red axle springs and rims with special low-profile tires. The people at LEGO also included the car’s hinged luggage compartment area and for a more realistic look, they also added a suitcase. Built in 1:8 scale the LEGO Technic Porsche It is 17 cm high, 57 cm long and 25 cm wide, so if you have a pet mouse, maybe you can teach it how to drive?

Along with model, LEGO Technic provides a beautifully designed pamphlet packed with a ton of background data about the development of the 911 GT3 RS. For the very first time, the elements of the separate assemblies representing the different systems in the car are packed in their own unique boxes, in addition to the detailed building instructions. This little book offers some insight into the assembly process of the actual vehicle by Porsche, so that fans of the brand can learn while having fun.

So, if you’re a Porsche fan of any age, but can’t afford to buy one for yourself anytime soon, why not build your very own with LEGOs, until the day when you can buy a real one for yourself?